Mila Kunis is Mona Sax in Max Payne?

Wow, color me surprised. Of all the actresses in Hollywood they could get to play Mona Sax in the upcoming “Max Payne” movie, set to star Mark Wahlberg as the titular wronged cop, I would never figure Mila Kunis, Jackie from That ’70s Show, would be right for the role. Mind you, this article in Variety doesn’t mention that Kunis will be playing Mona Sax, but it does mention she’ll be playing an “assassin” in the movie, though the sister part is a tack-on as far as I can remember, since Mona was pretty much a bad-ass gun-for-hire in the games. Then again, maybe they’ll change the character to something more appropriate Kunis’ stature. (She’s short, I mean.)


Kunis, best known for a long run on “That ’70s Show” and voicing the androgynous teen Meg Griffin in “Family Guy,” will play an assassin who teams up with the title character to avenge her sister’s death. Wahlberg plays Payne, a cop haunted by the tragic loss of his family who finds himself in the thick of a conspiracy when he investigates a series of murders.

John Moore (“Flight of the Phoenix”) will direct the Rockstar Game movie adaptation from a script by Beau Thorne.

Mila Kunis is Mona Sax in Max Payne!