Mila Kunis Talks Black Swan, Portman Smooch

Mila KunisMila Kunis is certainly becoming a bigger movie star than everyone on her former show, Fox’s “That 70’s Show”. (Okay, that Ashton Kutcher guy might give her a run for her money. Maybe.) I always thought it would be Laura Prepon, or the skinny guy, who would be the one we’d remember as “he used to be on that little TV show”. Instead, it’s Kunis, with her squeaky voice, who keeps getting cast in high-profile films over and over again. Go figure. Anyways, BlackBook has an article on Kunis (it’s fawning and predictably mush journalism, of course), and among the many things they discuss, is Kunis’ role in Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming supernatural ballerina drama “Black Swan”. And, of course, the subject of the infamous rumored Kunis-Natalie Portman sex scene came up.

“Sure,” she says, with a roll of her eyes. “It’s two girls making out, and guys have a thing for that. And Nat is like every guy’s dream. She’s a nerd’s idea of heaven. The whole thing is silly, but I can see why people care.”

And, um, that’s about it.

Oh, here’s something about the plot, in case that, you know, matters to you:

Black Swan is a psychological thriller set in the ruthless world of ballet in New York City. To prepare, Kunis endured a punishing ballerina boot camp for more than two months, practicing seven days a week, five hours each day.

Kunis plays Lilly, the unhinged and possibly sadistic yin to the yang of Nina, her uptight rival played by close friend Natalie Portman. “It’s like a real-life version of the third act of Swan Lake,” she says, treading carefully around plot secrets. “I just feel like such a douche because I can’t talk about it. It’s not even that big of a deal. It’s a fucking movie. It’s not like I’m saving the world.”

Here’s the thing: Mila Kunis as a machinegun packing Russian enforcer (ala “Max Payne”) or a survivalist in a post-apocalyptic world (ala “Book of Eli”) is beyond ludicrous, but Mila Kunis as a ballerina who has a thing going on with her rival? That’s probably her most believable part yet.

Mila Kunis as a machinegun packing badass? Oh, Hollywood.

Mila Kunis as a machinegun packing badass? Oh, Hollywood.