Milla Jovovich Can’t Recognize Faces in the Crowd

Milla Jovovich is about to go from fighting zombies to fighting alien abductions back to zombies and now, a serial killer. And oh yeah, she’s developed quite the problem after her encounter with said serial killer in Julien Magnat’s psychological thriller “Faces in the Crowd”. The actress has signed on to star in Julien Magnat’s first English-language film. Magnat, who also wrote the script, was responsible for the 2002 French horror-comedy “Bloody Mallory”, which was a bloody (ahem) good time.

“Faces in the Crowd” has Jovovich playing a woman who is the first to survive an attack by a serial killer. She wakes up in hospital with a very specific head injury, one that leaves her “face-blind.” It’s apparently a real neurological disorder called prosopagnosia. Oooh, fancy word. But what does it mean?

Being “face-blind” means our heroine can no longer recognize faces, because people’s facial features change each time she loses sight of them. Which is not a good thing for our gal, because she’s the only eyewitness to what the serial killer looks like and he’s trying to tie up any possible loose ends. I guess he hadn’t heard about the whole “face-blind” thing.

Shooting on “Faces in the Crowd” will commence in March of 2010.

Up next for Jovovich is the alien thriller “The Fourth Kind” and a return to her zombie killing roots with “Resident Evil: After Life”.

So, you come here often? Wait, you look familiar.

So, you come here often? Wait, you look familiar.