Milla Jovovich Confirms Sienna Guillory Back as Jill Valentine in RE4

I gotta admit, I was disappointed when the “Resident Evil” franchise just ditched Jill Valentine (played by the oh so lovely Sienna Guillory) in the third “RE3” film. With characters in this series dying off left and right (with the exception of Milla Jovovich’s Alice, of course), why wouldn’t you bring back one of the few survivors?

In any case, with “Resident Evil: Afterlife” gearing for is 3D debut, Jovovich has now come out and confirmed that Jill Valentine will indeed appear in “Afterlife”. She tweeted this today:

So to answer many of your questions in one fell swoop, yes! The gorgeous and talented Sienna Guillory is back as Jill Valentine in RE4!!!

So, is the image below really that of Jill Valentine aka Sienna Guillory from the movie? Possibly, possibly. And oh, in case you missed it, new teaser poster and images from the movie here as well.

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