Milla Jovovich Reveals More Resident Evil 5 Tidbits

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil 4: Afterlife (2010) Movie ImageDepending on how you look at it, these could be SPOILERS, or they could just be minor plot details that will be revealed in the movie’s official synopsis anyway. That having been said, Tweet-a-holic Milla Jovovich has revealed more details about her upcoming “Resident Evil: Retribution”.

In response to a question about Wentworth Miller, who played Chris Redfield in “Afterlife” returning, Jovovich tweeted back this:

chris, claire n kmart get abducted by umbrella in this one, so no he won’t b in this movie.

If I were to extrapolate, I would guess that means the Redfields (Chris and Ali Larter’s Claire), along with spunky blonde K-Mart (Spencer Locke) won’t be back, and will be “abducted” off-screen. She seems to confirm this with another tweet in response to a question about the complete “Afterlife” cast returning:

nope! some will, but we have new characters coming on this one. hopefully we’ll get every1 together 4 RE6!! lol!

Which makes sense, given that “Retribution” is already poised to include new “RE” game characters Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, and Barry Burton. Besides the new faces, also expected back from the previous movies are Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine and Boris Kodjoe as Luther.

Also, this last tidbit about what kind of zombies to expect in part 5:

alright guys! gotta go! 1 let mini spoiler tho! we will hve the Las Plagas parasite!!! have an awesome day!

The Las Plagas parasite is from the game “Resident Evil 4”, which is just about when I stopped playing the “RE” games. I had developed, er, a social life by then.

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