Milla Jovovich Says Resident Evil 5 is Inevitable


This is a no-brainer, but Milla Jovovich, star of the last four “Resident Evil” movies, says she’s pretty sure that a fifth film is going to happen, and that she and her director/husband Paul W.S. Anderson will “definitely” be making another one. In fact, says Jovovich, her hubby already “has some ideas” about the fifth movie.

With the fifth movie in the horizon, Jovovich says she and Anderson are soliciting advice from fans “on Twitter and stuff”. That sounds like an open invitation to tweet her to me. You can do so here.

Speaking of which, here’s what she said in her most recent tweet:

Thank you all so much 4 all your grt comments on the film! I’m SO happy u all love it!Hve fun watching #RE4 this weekend! Let’s do RE5 soon!

I’m definitely in the minority here, but I’d like to see Claire Redfield (Ali Larter’s character) either take over the franchise in the fifth movie (as was originally planned when they made “Extinction”), or gotten rid of completely. She’s simply superfluous to the franchise as it currently stands. I’m also not entirely sure what was the point in introducing Wentworth Miller’s Chris character; originally, I thought he might end up being Alice’s new love interest, but the indifference his character showed towards her (and vice versa) would seem to put the kibosh on that notion.

I wonder if this guy (below) will be back for a fifth movie. He sure had plenty of wink-wink time with Alice. The only one, in fact.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Of course it’s inevitable!! LoL. I mean as much as fnaboys complain about the changes they’ll be the first to see it so they can complain some more. The fans will be there to cheer it on and then there’s the newbies. It made serious money so it’ll make another sequel. I haven’t seen it but I’d love for Boris Kodjoe to come back as well as Chris and CLaire. i think having a group dynamic to start and have that group grow and then shrink would be an interesting dynamic. Like have a core group pf Kodjoe, Alice, Claire, and Chris against Jill and Umbrella and zombies while ALSO looking for more survivors.

  • Aya

    I knew it. I bet it’ll be RE: Rebirth or something. I wouldv’e liked Chris’s character to be Jill’s love interest. ;D

    • JA751

      he is in the game thats y he doesnt show an interest in alice

    • JA751

      he is in the game thats y he doesnt show an interest in alice

    • Mhhobeid

      you are right aya
      btw where are you from?

  • Enique4u2000

    I would like to see everyone in this last film make it in the next and I would love for Alice to regain her power, even though she still kicked butt in this film. I love the way the story is going. But please dont let us wait so long for the next one. LOL

  • JA751

    i think there should be caps from the game like in the game of RE4 its in europe introduce that into the storyline and bring in the africa setting from RE5 with the uruboros project. movies great but keep it with the game as well.

  • Rami270240

    Resident Evil 5, alice regain her super power and she alone should go after Umbrella

  • Rami270240

    Resident Evil 5, alice regain her super power and she alone should go after Umbrella

  • wot

    Claire and Alice have great chemistry together, and who doesn’t like seeing them fight side by side? Add a little romance to the mix and presto…a believable love interest who won’t undermine the power of the lead female character. I doubt any RE fans would object ;)

  • Mars_zacarias

    have a new booss.. i hope jill valentine won’t be the main enemy for the 5th movie.. besides, Chris and Jill were partners.. Oh, will you include Sheva as well? anyway, please don’t make us wait that long…. :)

  • Zac

    hey, how about LEon Kennedy? it would be great if the movie would really be based on the game itself.. :)

  • Peterlane

    i love the movies like resident evil and milla you do lots of good movies and can you put in a little more action in the movie please and i miss Jill valentine is abert weaker going to be in next movie like resident evil 5