Milla Jovovich Tweets Resident Evil 5 Tidbits

The star of the “Resident Evil” movies and the upcoming “Three Musketeers” (both with her hubby and baby’s daddy Paul W.S. Anderson) recently told fans that she thinks (she doesn’t know for sure, apparently) that the title of the fifth “Resident Evil” movie will be none other than, “Resident Evil: Blood from a Stone”. As in, they’re going to squeeze all the money out of the franchise until they can’t get anymore.

Just kidding!

I know you kids love this franchise, don’t get your panties into a bunch. I’m a fan, too, but come on, I couldn’t help it. They’ve made four of these things, after all, and each one seems more ridiculous than the next. I imagine the fifth one will be nothing but slow-motion fights with giant zombies in bathroom showers, but maybe that’s just me being all optimistic again.

According to the actress, she believes the next “Resident Evil” movie will be called “Retribution”, and promises a “HUGE surprise abt the origin of Alice”. My guess? Alice is in actuality an alien from another planet, and she’s here to prep us for intergalactic enslavement. Mark my words.

Jovovich also reveals that they plan to shoot parts of the movie in Japan.

You can keep up with Jovovich’s hyper active tweets here. Be prepared to get bombarded with tweets, though. Jovovich is, uh, one of those serial tweeters. But I suppose you can’t fault the woman’s enthusiasm. I’m sure her fans appreciate it.

Thanks to Mike for the heads up.