Milla Jovovich Will Save America in James McTeigue’s Survivor

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil Afterlife (2010) Movie Image

Hey, she’s already saved humankind numerous times from zombies, super zombies, evil corporations on boats, and more recently, evil corporations in underground facilities. So why not save us from terrorist attacks, too?

Milla Jovovich will take a break out of shooting undead things in the “Resident Evil” films to concentrate more on shooting terrorists in James McTeigue’s “Survivor”. She’ll star alongside with former Bond guy Pierce Brosnan, and they will be joined by Emma Thompson and Angela Bassett.

In the film, Jovovich will play “a State Department employee newly posted to the American embassy in London, where she is charged with stopping terrorists from getting into the U.S. That puts her right in the line of fire and she is targeted for death and framed for crimes. Discredited, she is forced to go on the run while she tries to clear her name and stop a large-scale terrorist attack set for New Year’s Eve in Times Square.”

Sounds a lot like Angelina Jolie’s “Salt”, but maybe I’m wrong. I don’t recall super zombies in “Salt”, though.

The film is scheduled to shoot early next year for, I’m guessing, a late 2014 release.

Via : Deadline