Misadventures in Hollywood: How Hong Kong’s Stars Lost Their Way in Hollywood

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Kirk Wong’s resume in Hong Kong is filled with some slick and intense crime thrillers like “Organized Crime & Triad Bureau”, “Rock and Roll Cop”, Jackie Chan’s “Crime Story”, and “Gunmen”. Wong’s films proved that not all Hong Kong crime dramas were about male bonding and slow motion, that they were also gritty stories about the shades of gray between good and evil. Wong’s first project stateside was “The Big Hit”, an action film that was funny when it wasn’t trying, not funny when it was, and had the dramatic depth of a “Yu-Gi-Oh” collectable card. “The Big Hit” was also proof that American producers are clueless, because they might as well have John Woo direct a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

Oh, wait minute.

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Author: Erick Kwon