MMA Movie Never Surrender DVD Box Art, Specs, Trailer

Everyone’s getting in on the MMA action nowadays, from Hollywood to your more indie producers. The latest would seem to have a leg up on the competition, as it actually stars people who have made a living pounding the bejesus out of each other, i.e. actual MMA fighters. The film in question is called “Never Surrender”, and it’s due out from Lionsgate Home Entertainment on April 28. DVD box art, specs, and final trailer after the jump.

Bringing together the absolute best talent on the Mixed Martial Arts circuit, NEVER SURRENDER follows the intensely dangerous journey of an MMA world champion through the illegal world of underground cage fighting.

Starring George “Rush” St-Pierre (current UFC Welterweight Champion), BJ “The Prodigy” Penn (undisputed UFC Lightweight Champion), Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion), Anderson “The Spider” Silva (current UFC Middleweight Champion) and heavyweight favorite Heath “The Texas Crazy Horse” Herring.


· Behind the Scenes of Never Surrender
· Anatomy of a Fight
· Twelve Stones music video “Adrenaline”
· Trailer Gallery


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