Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Map Expansion Teaser

I’ll admit, for the first couple of months I burned my way through the online FFA and Team Death Match on “Modern Warfare 2” like it was going out of style. I haven’t played in a while, though, mostly because while it was fun at first to sneak up behind a camper and stick a Semtex on his back, you can only do it so many times before you wonder what type of shenanigans is happening on TV. Actually, I only played a couple of hours this entire month, and that was only because friends came over and wanted to do some split-screen action. Maybe the impending release of Infinity Ward’s first map expansion DLC will get me psyched again, though honestly, from the looks of the map on display in this teaser trailer, probably not.

IW is offering up five new maps in their “Stimulus Package”, if by “new” you mean two old ones carried over from the first “Modern Warfare” (Crash and the sniper-friendly Overgrown) and three new ones (Salvage, Storm and Bailout) that basically looks like retreads of the same maps from “Modern Warfare”. Why didn’t they just throw in “Creek” and re-titled it “Stream” and be done with it?

For the privilege of playing on two old maps and three sorta new ones, you Xbox 360 kids will only have to shell out 1200 points (or $15 buckaroos) to get it first on March 30. PS3 and PC gamers will have to wait a little bit longer. Not that it matters, of course. The Xbox kids can learn all the “secrets” of the map they want, but when the PS3’ers show up, we’ll rule anyway. I’m just sayin’.