Modern Warfare 3’s Strike Packages and Kill Streaks Explained

Modern Warfare 3 Game

The biggest question about the latest “Call of Duty” game, “Modern Warfare 3” (due out November 8th for all gaming platforms), besides what it’ll look like and what the maps will offer, is what kind of tweaks did the game developers do to the game’s many addictive components, in particular the killstreaks, i.e. the bonuses you get after achieving a certain level of kills in a roll.

Unlike previous games, players will have to choose one of three types of class system before hopping into the fight — Assault, Support, and Specialist — with each class offering their own personalized killstreak rewards, not to mention methods to achieving those killstreaks, now called strike packages. has a nice breakdown of the three class systems:

Assault works just like the killstreak system in previous Call of Duty games, with you getting rewards for scoring multiple kills without dying. Like in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2, kills with the Assault strike package count towards further killstreaks – a feature Treyarch removed for last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Support, on the other hand, doesn’t let your kills stack. The support strike package gives out defensive bonuses that can affect the entire team and, unlike in previous Call of Duty games, your streak is not reset when you die. Finally, the Specialist strike package allows you to create a cocktail of additional perks to give yourself the edge – for every two kills you unlock an additional perk.

Hmm, that’ll take some getting used to, but I’m sure it won’t stop anyone from quickly acclimating to the new system. Say, a day or two?

In any case, here’s the developers themselves explaining how things will go down. By the way, the recon drone looks awesome. Basically a sentry gun that you can control.