Mondo Does Duncan Jones’ Source Code and Moon

Give them this: the boys over at Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo sure know how to jazz up a movie poster. If you thought that official “Source Code” poster was looking a tad generic and photoshoppy, what with Jake Gyllenhaal’s face photoshopped on top of some generic body with a gun running in an action pose, then this new take on “Source Code” by artist Olly Moss will be a revelation. And just for good measure, the boys have thrown in another Olly Moss poster for Jones’ feature film debut, “Moon”.

Alamo Drafthouse & Mondo present the Duncan Jones “Director’s Series” with two prints from world renowned artist, Olly Moss.

Every so often a filmmaker arrives on the scene with such a clear & creative filmmaking vision that it results in an instant fanbase that hungers for their next project. Mondo is pleased to be a part of that fanbase and honor Duncan Jones with its second “Director’s Series” after Guillermo del Toro. Duncan crafted a revelatory film with MOON and Mondo is very much looking forward to SOURCE CODE and all future filmmaking projects by Duncan Jones.

Commenting on the posters, Duncan Jones said, “I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Moss since I first saw his mock game manual for Half Life what feels like an age ago. I’ve been desperate to own one of his pieces ever since. Getting that piece to be based on my films is even better!”

Jones’ second film, “Source Code” makes its premiere at SXSW Friday, March 11.