Moneyball Hones in on Director

moneyballMoneyball is a transformative sports book about the employment of advanced stats and analytics in order to put together a baseball team in the face of sobering economic realities and pressures. You might say that the Oakland Athletics are smooth, not rich. The movie version of Moneyball has vaguely been on my radar, but I didn’t know how they would pull it off. There is perhaps nothing more mind-numbing than the thought of Brad Pitt discussing Barry Zito’s VORP. But the use of strategies and technical details can be interesting within the context of a story, as long as they focus on the plight of the team and their revolutionary ideas.

Unfortunately, Steven Soderbergh was forced out of the project just before production began, which felt like a curveball. No replacement has been found, but Risky Business reports that two directors are being considered: Bennett Miller and Marc Webb. Miller, whose sole movie is the Oscar-winning Capote, might work well for the non-fiction aspects of the film. Webb directed 500 Days of Summer and has a style all to his own. Miller has the better slugging percentage, but Webb has the better average, so it’s a tough call, but both directors will not have an easy time replacing the departed Soderbergh