Monster Sequel The Host 2 is a Prequel

The boys over at Twitchfilm have learned some more details about the upcoming “The Host 2”, the sequel to the Bong Joon-Ho movie about a killer monster who comes out of the Han river to snack on some humans. Namely, that the sequel will in fact be a prequel, and will feature more monsters, as all sequels invariably do.


The script is being handled by Korean comic artist Kang Full and is set three years prior to the events of the original film. Details are scarce so far but word is this one revolves around the excavation of the Cheonggye Stream – an ancient waterway running through Seoul that was recently reclaimed and restored after years of being covered by a highway – and will feature multiple monsters. Shooting is slated for later in 2008 with a 2009 release planned.

No surprise. Bigger and bloodier is the motto of all monster sequels, even the Korean ones.

The Host 2 is a Prequel