Monster Squad Remake Gets Writers

Director Rob Cohen’s upcoming remake of “The Monster Squad” for Paramount has brought onboard writers Mark and Brian Gunn to pen the script. The writing duo’s credits include the direct-to-video sequel “Bring It on Again”, but they’ve somehow managed to parlay that into writing gigs for the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” sequel, and now, “The Monster Squad” remake. Must be smooth talkers, these two, to go from an insipid cheerleader movie to writing a potential franchise for a big studio.

“The Monster Squad” will be based on the 1987 original of the same name, and is essentially a kid-friendly monster movie. The premise has a group of intrepid tykes discovering a nefarious plot by legendary creatures Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Gill Man and The Mummy to take over the world. You know, the sort of stuff that no adult within a thousand miles will believe when the kids blurt it out as a defense of some sort.

Michael Bay and his Reboot Kings at Platinum Dunes are producing for Paramount. The idea is to set up a franchise.