Monsters 2 Heads to The Dark Continent

Scoot McNairy in Monsters (2010) Movie ImageGareth Edwards’ 2010 movie “Monsters” was a surprise hit, though frankly, it’s a tad dull for my tastes. The film looks like what it was — a 90-minute reel for Edwards on what he can do with monsters on a budget. There were long stretches of the film where I dozed off, only to be awaken by spurts of monster action here and there. But hey, everyone seems to love it, so what do I know?

Anyways, a sequel, inevitably, is on the way, and it’s now gotten an official title, along with a new director.

The sequel will go by the title, “Monsters: The Dark Continent”. Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas were originally attached to helm the sequel, but have apparently given up the gig to Tom Green (no, not that Tom Green, this one is a writer/director who has done multiple episodes of the Brit superhero TV show “Misfits”).

The original “Monsters” starred Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able as Americans who must cross an alien-plagued Mexico in order to reach the safety of the U.S. border.

Jay Basu is writing the script for the sequel, which is odd, because I thought we already had a story ready to go. Since the first movie was one of those “it’s happening everywhere, and here’s one story” type of film, you could reasonably do a whole host of stories with other characters around the world. Last we heard, the sequel would indeed take that approach, following “a teacher living outside the walled quaratined zone in Central America and his brother whom he ventures into the region to find—a former military man who has become a figure akin to APOCALYPSE NOW’s Colonel Kurtz.”

Scoot McNairy in Monsters (2010) Movie Image

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