Monsters Inc Sequel Will be a Prequel Called Monsters University

Hankerin’ for some CG monsters? Pixar’s giving you some more — the company announced over at CinemaCon that the title for their “Monsters Inc” sequel will be “Monsters University”, and it’s believed to be a prequel. (By the way, CinemaCon is looking like a bigger deal than I originally thought, if all the news coming out of it is any indication — a ticket to Vegas for next year, perhaps?)

No plot for the sequel/prequel, though I’m guessing John Goodman and Billy Crystal will likely be back as “fright engineers” Sully and Mike Wazowski. It’s not like, you know, they have so much going on that they couldn’t come into the studio to voice the characters for a nice paycheck.

The first “Monsters Inc” generated $525 million in worldwide box office. Now if only Pixar will get to work on that damn “Incredibles” sequel already…

UPDATE: EW says Goodman and Crystal will definitely return, and has more on the plot:

“The film is a prequel that tells you a little bit about how [Mike and Sully] first met, attending Monsters University,” Hollis told theater owners gathered in Las Vegas on Tuesday for their annual CinemaCon convention. “Obviously everybody knows at this point Mike and Sully are amazing friends — the best of friends — but as it turns out, in this story, that wasn’t always the case. From the moment they met at university, they could not stand each other. This story takes you through the ups and downs, and how they overcame their own differences.”

The monsters fight back in 2012.