Monsters Sequel is a Go Sans Gareth Edwards

A sequel to Gareth Edwards’ surprise sleeper hit “Monsters” has been talked up for the last few months, but it’s now become official, with Vertigo Films assigning directing duties to the duo of Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas.

Apparently Edwards will stay on as a producer, though honestly, that probably just means he sorta gave his okay for them to make a sequel, as long as he continues to collect a nice paycheck out of it. And in any case, Edwards is pretty busy rebooting “Godzilla”, and from all accounts, he only ever did “Monsters” as a demo reel to get big-time Hollywood work, and he’s achieved that, so why go back?

The plot of the “Monsters” sequel will find “a teacher living outside the walled quaratined zone in Central America and his brother whom he ventures into the region to find—a former military man who has become a figure akin to APOCALYPSE NOW’s Colonel Kurtz.”

One of the stars of the first film, Scoot McNairy, will also stay on as producer, though it’s unsure if he’ll have a role in the sequel. My guess is, possibly a cameo or two just to tie it all in with the Edwards original.

The film will shoot for six weeks in either Argentina or the Dominican Republic for a 2012 release date.