More 30 Days of Night Confirmed?

Back in June of this year, Bloody-Disgusting floated a story that Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures would be producing a sequel to the surprise horror hit “30 Days of Night”, and send it directly to DVD, which is a path Ghost House has taken with a lot of their other horror titles. We haven’t heard much about the proposed sequel until now. BD once again confirms that a sequel is very much in the works, and that it will bring back original comic book creator Steve Niles to pen the screenplay. No word on whether the sequel would go directly to DVD as previously thought, though.

Via BD:

…we’ve officially confirmed that Mandate Pictures is working on a sequel to 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, and has Steve Niles and Ben Ketai listed as current writers (although that could change). We also have a synopsis for you: In the sequel to the bone-chilling 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, Stella seeks revenge on the blood-thirsty vampires that destroyed her sleepy Alaskan town. Could Melissa George return? Only time will tell…

I said it in the previous article, and I’ll say it again: if the sequel is going directly to DVD, Melissa George won’t reprise the Stella role. In Hollywood, you don’t do a movie you know will go directly to DVD unless you want to kiss your movie (re: theatrical) career goodbye. There are only two exceptions to this rule: One) You’re new to the industry, so doing DTDVD is a stepping stone, and no one will begrudge you for it; Two) You have no other choice.

But I would certainly love to see a sequel to “30 Days of Night”. Niles has already published a number of sequels, one that continued to follow Stella as she goes about the United States warning people of vampires and killing them along the way with the help of her very own posse, and another series that returns to the town of Barrow, Alaska. The first one sounds much juicier.

Below: “See that? That’s a direct-to-DVD sequel. Wait until it passes us, then RUN!”