More Car Pics from The Fast and Furious 4

Besides the plot of Justin Lin’s upcoming “The Fast and Furious 4” sequel (his second in the franchise, for those keeping track), the other big topic of discussion about the movie are the cars that will be making appearances in the film. We’ve already posted a lot of the cars that will be showing up, and here are even more cars courtesy of NoBueno Photography, who stumbled across the set in Downtown Los Angeles when the production was shooting next to his work. Hey, how come that never happens to me?

Today while leaving work I noticed a parking lot full of movie cars and equiptment. Of course you know I had to investigate. Turns out they were staging cars for the Fast & Furious 4 filming tonight in Downtown LA. I’m not a big fan of the movie series but I try to not to miss a photo op.

Check out more cars pics over at NoBueno:

Cars from the Set of The Fast and Furious

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