More Changes for David E. Kelley’s TV Wonder Woman

Oh, Wonder Woman. As much as I like me some Adrianne Palicki, ever since her “Friday Night Lights” days, let’s face it, this thing has the opportunity to be one huge train wreck. Previous reviews of the show’s script haven’t been kind, and now I09 says they’ve gotten their hands on new, revised pages for the show that recently made the rounds as early as February and March. So what’s new, pussycat?

Most of the new pages apparently seem to have been tacked on purely to make Palicki’s Wonder Woman “seem more formidable, to head off criticisms that she’s too weepy and self-pitying.” This, the site reasons, is in response to reviews of the pilot script that featured “lots of Diana crying, moping over ice cream, and hunching in a fetal position.”

Some of the scenes include longer versions of previous fights (including the final battle), new scenes of Diana grabbing guys by the throats and lifting them into the air (something of a recurring theme, this one), and more fleshed out relationship between Diana and Steve Trevor after she saves him from his burning, crashed airplane on Paradise Island. You can read the rest of the changes/additions over at IO9.

The site also says that the one-hour pilot may have been bumped up to two-hours because of the new, additional scenes. Or the scenes could end up cut, since most of them, like the one where Diana goes on a pity date with her neighbor, really adds nothing to the show.