More Details About that Magneto Movie

You can’t keep the Master of Magnetism down, as the X-Men certainly found out in the comic books and in the movies, as Magneto (played in the film by Ian McKellen) kept coming back again and again. Producer Avi Arad recently talked with MTV about the upcoming “Magneto” spin-off movie, and according to him, the script by writer (and director) David Goyer (“Batman Begins”) will follow Magneto as a young man from a Jewish concentration camp during World War II and to what happens to him (and changes him) after that. This is, Avi points out, an Origins Story for Magneto, which means by the end of the movie his experiences will have turned him into the militant sourpuss that he’s become in all three “X-Men” films.

Any chances of a cameo by everyone’s favorite half-naked mutant, Mystique?

Given Magneto is already the head of the militant mutant organization known as The Brotherhood in the first film, will the prequel detail the steps he takes to form that alliance, perhaps highlighting such mutants as Sabertooth and Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique? “[Some] amazing surprises that happen in his life [are in store],” Arad coyly answered.

One can only hope.