More Details about the Dark City Director’s Cut DVD

I love Alex Proyas’ “Dark City”. I love the blasted thing so much that it’s inevitable when I write about Alex Proyas, I have to mention “Dark City”. Really, I don’t know what it is about the movie — maybe it’s the whole alien-in-space thing, the whole superpower thing, the whole gothic “Metropolis” thing — but I friggin’ love that movie. So when I heard, many moons ago, about a special Director’s Cut, I was giddy with joy. Really, really giddy. But it’s been ages since I heard the news about an upcoming Director’s Cut, and still…nothing. Alex, what up, my bro? Well now word is trickling in about what will be in the Director’s Cut (whenever it finally shows up).

Twitchfilm mentions an interview with “Dark City’s” writer, David Goyer, about the DVD, and he mentioned that he and director Alex Proyas are “working on a brand spanking new Director’s cut of Dark City, complete with beefed up special effects and a new and improved sound mix.”

To be honest with you, I don’t need “beefed up” special effects, but I would like to see if the movie could be longer. The film as is is much too short. It gets right to the point, but the world of “Dark City” is such that I wouldn’t mind dwelling in it much, much longer.

Besides those beefed up special effects and new sound, Roger Ebert will also provide another audio commentary, as he did in the original DVD release.

More Details about the Dark City Director