More Fast and Furious 4 Plot Details, Jordana Brewster is Back

Love it or hate it, but a whole lotta people are waiting for the fourth installment of “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, so whenever the studio can get their act together and unleash this thing into the theaters, tickets are gonna sell like hotcakes. And with the return of the franchise’s two original stars, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker? The studio has practically guaranteed themselves a hit. Now the blokes over at Moviehole have landed more details concerning the plot, including the return of Jordana Brewster, who played Mia, the sister of Vin Diesel’s character in the original. As you’ll no doubt remember, Mia and Paul Walker’s undercover cop had a little sumthin’-sumthin’ going on before that whole law and order stuff got in the way. But hey, if Jordana’s back, what about Michelle Rodriguez? Um, not so much.

Here’s more details about the film’s plot via:

Well, ya see, Mia re-enters the picture on less than pleasant circumstances. Seems a certain lover of her brother’s [from the first film] may have –literally – crashed and burned (Michelle Rodriguez should really learn to put the bottle down when she’s cruising at such speeds), and Mia’s been asked to deliver her precious car to him (awwww).

Mia, of course, fell in love with undercover agent Brian (Paul Walker) in the first film. She reunites with him here, if only to ask ‘Why did you let my brother go?’

By letting Dominic go [at the end of the first picture], Brian’s got himself into some knee-high shit soup. When the film begins, the young agent has been doing time – after the authorities discovered the truth about Dom’s disappearance, and the part Brian played in that.

In a sort-of twist on “The Rock” – or even Walker’s recent film, “Bobby Z” – Brian makes a deal with the authorities. He’ll help stop a crime boss known as Braga, whose importing heroin (with the assistance of some hot-car driving bad-asses, of course), if they uncuff him. With the assistance of an informant named James Park (who Dominic was also after – – — it’s at his pad that Brian and Dom reunite, I believe), Brian wins a spot on a street race that Braga’s number.1 man, Jorge Campos is going to be at. He makes friends with Campos (and therefore Braga); wins a spot on his tag-team (importing heroin) and gets Dominic a gig too.

Just one other thing Brian wants from the authorities: “we get Braga, we let [Dominic] Toretto walk”.

So Brian has been in jail since part 2, huh? That kinda sucks. Hasn’t this guy been putting bad dudes away left and right, and this is how Johnny Law treats him? See, this is why I only race cars illegally for the bucks and the babes and never work undercover for the cops. It just doesn’t pay to do right, you know what I’m sayin’, kids?

More Fast and Furious 4 Plot Details, Jordana Brewster is Back