More Impressive Gameplay Footage from Battlefield 3

GodDAMN these are some impressive stuff DICE and Electronic Arts are putting out there for us to preview. The latest gameplay footage from their upcoming “Battlefield 3” features the player crawling to a vent (nothing new there), then fighting off a surprise hand-to-hand attack (still nothing new, and I could really do without the whole “press this button to do this”, then “that button to do that” aspect of the game), and then finally going topside to man a light-machine gun and raining hell down on a highway.

Great, great stuff at the end. I’m dying to see what kind of multiplayer this thing has to offer.

“Battlefield 3” won’t be out until late, late, LATE this year, so until then, dig on this latest nugget from the game. And if you missed them, more “Battlefield 3” videos can be found here.