More Iron Man 3 Stuff That May or May Not Be True (SPOILERS!)


Iron Man Comic Book CoverShane Black’s “Iron Man 3″ is currently shooting down in North Carolina before moving over to China to finish up, but until then, set reports have begun to leak out. This is par for the course, especially when you’re dealing with a big-budget Hollywood studio movie. The fact is, there are just so many people working on these things at any one time that it would only be a shock if there weren’t any leaks. Welcome to the world of the Internets, kids.

So, what are people seeing (and willing to tell about seeing) on the set of Black’s “Iron Man 3″? For starters …


There are mounting evidence that “Iron Man 3″ will include The Mandarin as one of the villains. Yes, one of the villains, but apparently not the primary villain. At least, not in this installment.

Instead, “Iron Man 3’s” main villain will be Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian, a scientist who invents a new nano-technology called “Extremis” that grants the people it infects superpowers. We already know that Iron Man will be battling at least two superpowered villains in the upcoming movie — Coldblood (to be played by James Dale Badge) and Firepower (to be played by Ashley Hamilton). Will there be more? Possibly, since Killian is said to be creating an “Extremis army” with his new invention. For what purposes, we wonder?

Meanwhile, as to the Mandarin — it appears, if set reports are to be believed, that Ben Kingsley will indeed be playing The Mandarin, but there’s a caveat:

The Mandarin (as played by Ben Kingsley) is a villain in the ‘Iron Man 3,’ but he’s more a veiled threat as a silent partner to Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian.

Setting up The Mandarin for “Iron Man 4″, perhaps?

And oh, William Sadler has joined the cast, and parts of the film may take place in Miami — but shot in North Carolina.

“Iron Man 3″ features returning castmembers Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Don Cheadle, with Shane Black writing and directing the 2013 movie.

The Mandarin and Iron Man Comic Book

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  • Markmarino39

    I’d say that Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin is true but with Aldrich Killian as the main villain false!

    • Dedpool

      I dunno. The Extremis thing was one of the first bits of info to come out so having Killian as the main villain and Mandarin as the puppet master behind it all makes sense.

  • Dedpool

    I can definitely can get behind Kingslety as the Mandarin. Play him a a Brit who has been raised in the culture and truly embraces it, and it’s imperialistic past. Also I have a feeling they will tie extemis into Firepower and Coldblood’s origins as well.

  • Juggernaut

    I’m not sold on Kingsley as MAndarin. However, I have been whrong before (***coff***Heath as Joker***coff***). I’d rather see Lau as Ironman’s arch enemy and Kingsley show up as a different character personally. There is definately a lot going on. I hope that it all plays out and makes sense when it is all said and done.