More Mermaids Grace New POTC on Stranger Tides Posters

In order to find the Fountain of Youth, you need mermaids. Yup, that’s one of the plot points of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. Or at least, that’s what I learned from all those TV spots for the movie I’ve seen in the last few months. One of the mermaids is played by French actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey, who has a pretty big role in the movie from what I can tell. She, along with newcomer Sam Claflin (also featured in one of the posters) are obviously the franchise’s new Orlando Bloom an Keira Knightley, aka the innocent lovebirds who muddle up Captain Jack’s plans for, you know, hijinks and whatnot.

Also starring Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Ian McShane, Geoffrey Rush, Jami Gertz, Stephen Graham, Greg Ellis, Óscar Jaenada, Kevin McNally, and Gemma Ward, with Rob Marshall stepping in for Gore Verbinski, the director on the previous three “Pirates” movies.

A’sailin’ we will go May 20, 2011.

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