More on Kevin Williamson’s new Scream Trilogy

At first I thought Kevin Williamson, the brainchild behind the “Scream” movies, would try to pull some “out there” angle to bring back the original characters for his new “Scream” trilogy, but it’s looking like this will be a pretty traditional set of sequels after all. Up first, though, is nailing down the three main actors from the original — married couple Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette, and Neve Campbell, the franchise’s Final Girl — to return in some form for the new movies. If Williamson does plan to go the younger route as previously reported, then having the three adult actors back would cement the new movies as taking place in the same universe, then paving the way for the kid victims — er, I mean, characters — to continue on in the next two movies.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Williamson is currently in talks with the Arquettes to reprise their characters, although that’s hit something of a bump now that Courtney Cox Arquette has a new TV series set to go on ABC. David, meanwhile, is probably begging for the role. He’s still acting, right?

No word yet on when Williamson will make the same offer to Campbell, cause let’s face it, you can’t do another round of “Scream” movies that brings back everyone but Neve Campbell. That would just be weird. Anyways, it’s not as if Campbell couldn’t use the work. The last time she was in a movie people talked about, she was getting nailed on a couch from behind.

Neve Campbell in Scream 4 (2011) Movie Image