More on Man of Steel’s Justice League Connections, Nolan’s Batman Films

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Despite Warner being all hot and bothered to get a “Justice League” movie up and running to show that they can do their own version of Marvel’s Phase One, I don’t think anyone has any idea how the studio plans to actually pull it off, especially since there isn’t one, but two Justice League movie in the works. The first, of course, is “Justice League”, while Guillermo del Toro is also actively working on “Justice League Dark” at the studio.

In another Entertainment Weekly article, Warner President Jeff Robinov and “Man of Steel” writer David Goyer (who also co-wrote all three of Nolan’s Batman movies), spilled the beans. Well, some of it, anyway.

Justice League Comic BookBefore promising “something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making”, Robinov seems to confirm that “Man of Steel” is very much the first of what they are planning to be a coherent D.C. movie universe ala Marvel:

It’s setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward. In that, it’s definitely a first step. I think you’ll see that, going forward, anything can live in this world. [Nolan’s] Batman was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world they lived in was very isolated without any knowledge of any other superheroes. What Zack and Chris have done with [Man of Steel] is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.

Sounds like a confirmation to me that “Man of Steel” will launch a new D.C.U., similar to what Marvel did with their Phase One. Welcome to the party, Warner. Better late than never, I guess.

As for Christopher Nolan’s involvement in the D.C. movie universe beyond producing “Man of Steel”, Robinov flat out denies a previous rumor that had Nolan “Godfathering” every D.C. movie from now on, a rumor that lost most of its legs a while back when Nolan’s “Interstellar” was announced for 2014. Hard to do a sci-fi epic when you’re going around messing with other superhero movies, ya know?

For those wondering how Nolan’s Batman films fit into what Warner Bros. has planned with “Justice League” and beyond, the answer seems to be that it doesn’t. Says Robinov is Nolan’s Batman films were standalones that will never connect with the upcoming D.C. movie universe they have planned:

They do. Or they did. Where we go in the future is a whole other conversation.

My translation of that is that Nolan’s films stand on their own, but when we reboot Batman (and you know damn well they’re going to), that might not be the case anymore. Let’s face it, going back on Nolan’s films and trying to put in superpowered heroes is NOT going to work. That trilogy just did not have room for people who can fly without the aid of, say, Batman’s wacky cape.

And as for Guillermo del Toro’s “Justice League Dark”? That, uh, apparently didn’t come up. Weird.

Anyways, I’m dying to hear that “announcement” Robinov promised in “the next several weeks”. I suspect it will be a general blueprint of what they have planned, what movies are in the pipe, etc. Maybe then we can get some official word on “Justice League Dark”, too…

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