More on the Prince of Persia Movie

At some point I believe Michael Bay was supposed to direct “Prince of Persia”, but that seems to have been history. The film’s uber producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently told Collider that the director is Mike Newell (“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”), and that filming is expected to commence in June of 2008. Of course, this is if the writer’s strike is settled by then.


Jerry Bruckheimer: We hired a very interesting director – Mike Newell – who did one of the Harry Potter’s and also did Donnie Brasco and he’s a very inventive, ingenious director and I think he’s going to bring something really special to it. We’re just starting to… we have a screenplay, we’re just starting to develop the look of it. It’ll be unique and fresh.

Q: Is this one of these properties that you envision the possibility of a franchise out of and is this going to be a really big film the way a National Treasure is?

Jerry Bruckheimer: Yes. It’s a big production and if they work it’s another character that you can take on other adventures.

Q: Do you have any casting on it?

Jerry Bruckheimer: Not yet.

Can you do for video games what you did for theme park rides?

Jerry Bruckheimer:
I don’t know. We’ll see.

Q: Is that script set in stone now because of the…

Jerry Bruckheimer: Well we’re not going to film until June so hopefully the writers will come to some kind of consensus with the studios and we can continue.

I like the “Can you do for video games what you did for theme park rides” question. Pander much, guys? Movie junkets are funny.

Prince of Persia Movie