More Proof Keira Knightley is the Key to World Peace

Hey, remember that 2002 soccer movie “Bend it Like Beckham”, starring a young and very fetching Keira Knightley as a Tomboy soccer player in the UK and her Indian best pal played by “ER’s” Parminder Nagra? Sure you do. Keira Knightley was in it, and she was oh so gosh darn cute in the movie, even if she wasn’t the lead, she mind as well be, because that’s pretty much all I remember about the film almost 10 years later.

Well flash-forward to 2010 (going on 2011), and North Korea has finally caught up with the Western world and our fascination with Ms. Knightley. They’ve finally shown the movie on national public TV, the first Western film ever shown in the notoriously isolated communist country to the masses, we’re told.

The reason for this diplomatic breakthrough? It was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between North Korea and the UK. Me, I think it’s just an excuse to show off Keira Knightley before she started covering herself up with those tight corsets and such.

Now if only the U.S. can convince them to show “Team America: World Police”…