More Proof Viral Marketing is Purely for the Benefit of Movie Bloggers

Chronicle Viral Marketing

Seriously, who sees three remote-controlled plane “people” flying around their city and immediately think, “Whoa, those guys behind ‘Chronicle’ is really doing a great job selling their movie!” Truth is, they probably think something along the lines of, “Whoa, those look like remote-controlled plane ‘people’! I wonder where I can buy one?”

Post “Blair Witch”, viral marketing stunts are only effective if movie bloggers end up writing about them — and thus, the “marketing” part of the viral marketing has been achieved. After all, take a look at how many views some of these viral marketing attempts get on YouTube when no one writes about them. They’re usually in the measly 100s. Not exactly worth the money and time to come up with them, no matter how creative or entertaining, in terms of generating publicity for the movie. Which is why the studio marketing folks always end up pointing out these stunts, thus making them not really viral.

What am I saying again? Oh, right. Nowadays, viral marketing is purely for the benefit of movie bloggers like myself who need to fill out the day with regular articles. So, with that said, here’s the latest viral stunt for Josh Trank’s superhero-teens-gone-wrong movie “Chronicle”. A marketing company named Thinkmodo spent the last few weeks flying these three remote-controlled “people” around New York City and New Jersey. Hopefully they didn’t cause car accidents. I could see that happening, actually. Imagine the lawsuits, ooooh boy.

But that’s just me overthinking things again. Check out how they pulled off the stunt in a video below.

“Chronicle” opens February 3rd, 2012.