More Righteous Images from Righteous Kill

The thing about “Righteous Kill” is, it looks every bit like a pretty generic cop movie about two old farts approaching retirement, who knows the ropes, and embarks on one last case before heading off into the sunset. You’ve seen it a million times. But of course, this isn’t like every other movie, since every other movie doesn’t have Al Pacino or Robert De Niro, and they certainly don’t have the two in the same movie. That’s essentially the film’s big draw — some how, some way, it got De Niro and Pacino to collaborate on what is essentially a familiar story you’ve seen before, but you just never paid attention because, well, De Niro and Pacino weren’t involved.

In any case, we have new images from “Righteous Kill”. You can check out two of them below, and more at our gallery.

And yes, I’m still telling you that I know the identity of the killer from just having seen the trailers and the loglines. That’s how generic “Righteous Kill” is. And having said all that, I’m still seeing this movie. Why? Two words: Pacino and DeNiro.

Get righteous September 12.

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Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill