More Rumors About The Dark Knight Rises

Because you just can’t get enough gossip about Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” (let’s face it, we’re all excited for it), here is another rumor to whet your appetite. A few weeks ago it was reported that Tom Hardy could possibly play Dr. Hugo Strange, a rogue psychiatrist who becomes obsessed with Batman to the point of dressing like the Caped Crusader. This latest rumor, from Ain’t It Cool News, says that Hardy will play Strange, and that the film will, at least loosely, follow the “Batman: Prey” story arc, originally published from September 1990 to February 1991 and written by Doug Moench.

Here’s what AICN has to say about the story line:

[I]nvolves a Taskforce out to get Batman headed by Gary Oldman’s Gordon. I love the idea of Tom Hardy playing Hugo Strange, who plots to kill and takeover being The Batman, himself.

In the comics, the attack on Batman is multi-faceted and extremely psychological, as that is why Hugo has the Dr. in front of his name. It brings the Fear Gas back in a very effective manner.

I’m not immediately familiar with this arc, but from the description it sounds like an ideal follow up to “The Dark Knight”, and would dovetail nicely with where that film ended. When we last left Batman, he’s on the run, hunted, and under enormous pressure. He’s seen the love of his life, Rachel Dawes, die, and Harvey Dent, his one hope at being able to return to a normal life without his alter ego, became a madman, then died. His psychological state is fragile at best. This is a rich area to mine, and is right up Nolan’s alley thematically.

Whether or not Nolan and company ultimately decide to use “Batman: Prey” as a roadmap, they’ll certainly put their own stamp on the story. But even just using it as a base sounds like it could yield incredible results, just think of Tom Hardy wearing a cowl and prowling the night.