More Rumors About the Monsters, Inc Sequel

Since its release in 2001, fans have been demanding a sequel to this Pixar classic for years and it seems like they’ve finally caved in:  Monsters, Inc is going to have a sequel. At least, that’s what is reporting. According to their “very reliable” inside source, who we hope isn’t just a Pixar janitor in need of some extra cash, they’re hoping to release Monsters by 2012 (not 2013 according to previous rumors). Of course, there’s no official confirmation as of yet.

While nothing of the plot has been released, we can assume that the sequel should pick up where the last film left off, that being that the power utility that used to harvest screams from children, now gains its power from childrens’ laughter. And like the screams, these are harvested by the Monsters who burst out of closets and into the children’s room, only unlike the screams, the Monsters make the children laugh by telling jokes (who wouldn’t laugh when a monster from another planet bursts into your room before attempting stand-up?). On the other hand, it would be a wonder if they try to make any real connection between the two films at all. After all, kids who saw the original would be, what, in their 20s now?

Monsters Inc (2001) Movie Image