More Snake Eyes Action on the G.I. Joe Set

The guys over at JustJared has posted more pictures from the “G.I. Joe” set, currently shooting in Prague, Czech Republic at the moment. As with their last batch of pictures, these show off Ray Park as Snake Eyes, doing his black-clad ninja thing on a speeding Hummer that, if you look at the second picture, clearly shows his arch-nemesis Storm Shadow (aka Byung Hun Lee) sitting inside in the back.

Also snapped on the set are Rachel Nichols (Scarlett) out of uniform and really going to town on a sandwich, and one of those Wayans brothers as Ripcord looking embarrassed by what he’s being forced to wear. Or at least, he should be. What is the deal with all the obviously plastic, clunky looking “battle armor”?

Some thoughts: When I first saw those official Snake Eyes pictures, I had no idea Ray Park would be wearing the plastic molded suit throughout the movie, because he apparently is. How does he breathe underneath that thing? It must be constricting as hell, I’d imagine.

Grab more pics over at JustJared:

G.I. Joe Movie Set

G.I. Joe Movie Set