More Talk about Stephen Chow as Kato

Seth Rogen was clearly clueless about Stephen Chow’s star status when he suggested, many moons ago, that he’d love for Chow to be his sidekick Kato in his upcoming “Green Hornet” movie. Stephen Chow is a man who writes, directs, acts, and produces all of his movies, and he’s probably the biggest movie star in all of Asia. So — seriously? Chow as a sidekick to a second-tier Hollywood actor in a campy film?

More: talked to Stephen Chow this morning and asked the Hong Kong action star if he would be interested in playing Kato in Seth Rogen’s upcoming The Green Hornet. Here’s a clip:

After explaining to Chow and his interpreter who Seth Rogen was—Chow may have been jetlagged or slightly confused, or just acting that way to avoid answering questions, but he knew who we were talking about when we said that Rogen played the police officer in Superbad. He seemed genuinely pleased that Rogen might think of him, though he hasn’t been approached, thinking that maybe Rogen doesn’t have his contact info. Chow then asked if we might have Rogen’s number, so he could get in touch, and offered to give us his number, so we could arrange a meeting.

Hard to say if Chow was just being nice, and the interviewer didn’t get it, or something got lost in translation. Either way, I still don’t buy that Chow would ever agree to play second fiddle to Rogen. It just defies all manner of logic, especially for anyone familiar with Chow’s work.

When Chow does decide he wants to break into Hollywood, I think he’ll do it on his own terms, and not go the goofy route in a sure-to-be-disastrous “comedy”. I mean, this guy was once on the cover of Time Magazine, for God’s sake.

More Talk about Stephen Chow as Kato