More Wacky Rumors About Will Smith’s Karate Kid Remake

All these rumors around the proposed Will Smith remake of “The Karate Kid” is just getting plain silly. First there were rumors that Smith was going to shove his own kid down our throats in an act of grand nepotism by making the kid the titular karate kid, but then his press people denied the reports. For a while there, there were rumors that Jackie Chan was being asked to play Mister Miyagi. And now — Stephen Chow somehow producing, starring, or directing the movie?

Well that’s the word from Here’s what they said:

Hollywood star Will Smith met actor-filmmaker Stephen Chow Friday in Hong Kong, where he attended the Asian premiere of the sci-fi thriller “I am Legend,” and invited him to produce, direct and star in the remake of the hit 1984 martial arts movie “The Karate Kid.”

Reports say Smith selected Chow because he likes the innovative actions in Chow’s “Kung Fu Hustle,” as well as his latest film “CJ7,” which Smith had seen a rough cut edition at Sony Pictures Classics.

Chow told the media, “I’m very fond of ‘The Karate Kid’ and would love to join in the remake project, no matter as a producer, director or actor. But it depends on my schedule. As you know, next year I will work on two movies, ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Journey to the West.'”

Will Smith hopes to shoot the movie in China.

Okay, first of all, why would Will Smith “hope” to shoot the movie in China? They wouldn’t even release his “I am Legend” movie, so I doubt if he’s feeling very charitable towards them.

Actually, this all seems like one of those things where two actors meet and jokingly say to each other, “Hey, you know what would be fun? If you did my ‘Karate Kid’ remake!” I don’t think the offer was ever really seriously entertained by either men, but the Chinese press, desperate to link Smith to Chow, jumped to conclusions.

Although, you know, it would be fun if Chow did end up directing this thing. It would make a nice gateway for him into Hollywood, if that was something he wanted. Chances of that actually happening? Less than a snowball’s chance, I would say.

Will Smith’s Karate Kid Remake Gets Silly