Morgan Freeman Will Save ScarJo in Lucy

Morgan Freeman in Now You See Me (2013) Movie Image

Oscar winner and everyone’s favorite voiceover narrator Morgan Freeman (seriously, who does better voiceover narration than this guy?), is currently in negotiations to co-star in Luc Besson’s latest “chicks kick ass” action movie “Lucy”.

“The Avengers'” Scarlett Johansson is scheduled to play the titular Lucy in the film, described as “a drug mule and is subsequently transformed into an ass-kicking machine when a highly-specialized drug enters her system. As Lucy races against the clock to survive, her new abilities allow her to see into the future, move objects with her mind and disregard pain and other emotions.”

Seriously. That’s the plot. It all makes sense because this is something Luc Besson came up with himself, and will write and direct (probably after seeing the Thai movie “Chocolate”, below).

Freeman will play “a professor well-versed in evolution and the capabilities of the human brain who Lucy is on a mission to find before she dies.”

Freeman is coming off the magic caper flick “Now You See Me” and the Tom Cruise sci-fi actioner “Oblivion”.

Via : The Wrap