Mortal Instruments Adds Bad Guys Kevin Durand and Robert Maillet

Kevin DurandRobert MailletSo apparently the big-screen adaptation of the young adult book series “Mortal Instruments” by Cassandra Clare is actually happening. Go figure. Like the gazillion other young adult books that got snatched up in the aftermath of “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games”, I assumed “Mortal Instruments” would eventually fall by the wayside as well. Turns out not to be the case, shockingly.

The film is currently set to star Lily Collins (“Mirror Mirror”) and Jamie Campbell Bower (“Camelot”) as its two young leads, and now you can add Kevin Durand and Robert Maillet to the cast. The two newcomers would play Pangborn and Blackwell, described as “an antagonist duo in the pic”.

Durand is coming off “Real Steal”, and has as role in the upcoming “Resident Evil: Retribution”. Maillet played the Minotaur in Tarsem Singh’s “Immortals”, Frankenstein in “Monster Brawl”, and something called “Dredger” in the first “Sherlock Holmes” movie. I’m guessing Durand’s Pangborn is the brains of this particular two-man operation, with the imposing looking Maillet providing the brawn.

Harald Zwart (“The Karate Kid”) will be calling the shots behind the camera, with Collins set to play Clary Fray, “a seemingly ordinary teenager who discovers she is the descendent of a demon-hunting clan.”

Aren’t they always, though? A “seemingly” ordinary teenager (usually a girl, being that most of the writers are female, as are the readers) who discovers she actually has a supernatural pedigree? That’s basically 90% of the foundation of these young adult novels that keeps getting bought by Hollywood as far as I can tell. Hey, if it ain’t broke…

“Mortal Instruments” the movie is set for August 23, 2013. So yes, it actually is happening. Go figure.

Mortal Instruments Book Cover

Via : Variety