Mortal Kombaaaa — Wha?? Damn, Kitana.

Who doesn’t like playing a game of Mortal Kombat? And who doesn’t enjoy computing? Add those two together and of course someone’s going to make a mousepad featuring Kitana, one of the more popular female characters from the game. I just, uh, didn’t think it would come out looking quite like … this.

Here’s what Kitana (already skimpily clad, you’ll notice) normally looks like:

Mortal Kombat's Kitana

And here’s what she now looks like thanks to some enterprising fella who got a hold of her. Now YOU can get a hold of her, too. (Ahem.)

Kitana Mortal Kombat Mousepad

It’s not like this is the first time someone’s turned an innocuous accessory like a mousepad and their love of, er, the female form into something more. These, for instance, have been available for some time now:

Big Breasted Mousepads

Where would you find something like this? I doubt you’ll be able to get these in any U.S. retail store. You’d have a protest by N.O.W. on your hands as soon as someone spotted them and called the media.

My guess is that they originated from Japan, given that most of these mousepads are anime-inspired. Curiously enough, you can actually buy quite a variety of these on I kid you not. Feel free to do your own search on the online retail giant. I think you can guess which combination of keywords to use, right?

Via : Geekologie