Mortal Kombat: Legacy Web Series Episode 1 (of 9)


Well that was fast. And more than a little bad PR move on the part of Warner Bros. and Machinama, the people bringing you Kevin Tancharoen’s 9-installment “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” original web series, I have to say. The trailer was out just yesterday, and now the first installment is online. Wait, no allowing the fans to wallow in anticipation? No build-up to the launch? Oh well.

When Jax realizes time is of the essence to save Sonya, a fellow lieutenant in the Outworld Investigation Agency, from Kano’s deadly hand, he holds nothing back in this action-packed, two-on-one battle to keep a shipment of stolen Robotic Defense Program material out of Kano’s hands. But can Jax and Sonya do it? Kano is a ruthless, evil leader of the “Black Dragon” international crime organization, and anyone who’s tried to take him down has never lived to tell about it!

Part 1 features Jax (Michael Jai White), Striker (Tamoh Pennikett), Sonya Blade (Jeri Ryan) and Kano (Darren Shahlavi) doing their thing in one of those smoky, action-ready factory/warehouses. Check it out below.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    TThey did say it was coming, and have been hyping it for over a month now, that said, they shoulda done more. Ah well. “IT HAS BEGUN!!!”

  • 0ptik

    I thought they would be longer than 12 minutes.

  • Vampelle

    saw loved it for the first part.
    loved the cyrax helmet shown in the starting.
    waiting for the rest. :)

  • Dominique

    Good start. Michael Jai White is the SHIT!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode.

    • Dedpool

      Agreed! Yes!

      Sent on the go.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait for a full length film for theaters or a direct to dvd production,Michael Jai White is what this franchise needs…about the episodes,12 minutes is not enough time,but its a good decent start.

  • Cshelley13

    all I can say is please let Michael J. White fight ALOT!!

  • Avalon

    Not a bad beginning… looking forward to the next episode.

  • Juggernaut

    The cast is awsome! None of them are top tier stars but should be. I really hope that if they ever decide to do Wonderman in an Avengers movie Tahmoh Penekitt gets to play him.