Mortal Kombat: Legacy Web Series Episode 5 (of 9)

The second part of the Kitana & Mileena saga (and the fifth episode in the nine episode series) has been released. It’s probably the shortest episode yet, at just barely 7 minutes, and half of that is rendered in animated form. Again, I feel gypped. Check it out below.

Kitana and Mileena have grown up thinking that they are sisters, yet have grown apart over the years. Despite Mileena’s growing resentment towards Kitana, Shao Kahn uses them to destroy all who threaten his rule. But when they come upon King Jerrod on one of their missions, they finally learn the truth about their Mother and Father, and Kitana looks to plot her revenge against Shao Kahn.

Starring Samantha Tjhia as Kitana, Jolene Tran as Mileena, Aleks Paunovic as Shao Khan, and Johnson Phan as Shang Tsung.