Mortal Kombat Legacy’s Final Episode Will Premiere at Comic Con

If you were one of those people still wondering why the final episode of Kevin Tancharoen’s “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” web series hasn’t made its online premiere yet, well there’s a reason for that. Tancharoen announced more than two weeks ago via his Twitter account that the final (and ninth) episode in the web series won’t be premiering online as usual, but will instead make its grand debut at the San Diego Comic Con next month in July.

Sorry, thought most people already knew this, but apparently not, judging by the number of emails I’ve gotten inquiring about the 9th episode. No worries, though; if you can’t make it to Comic Con, I’m sure the episode itself will land online pretty quickly once it debuts over there.

Until then, here are the previous 8 episodes to get you caught up in case you’ve been skimping out on your dialy diet of “Mortal Kombat” goodness: