Kevin Tancharoen’s 7-Minute Mortal Kombat Movie Pitch

Update: According to Latino Review, this is actually test footage shot for Warner Bros.’s “Mortal Kombat” movie reboot, an attempt to get funding for the full movie, and not an upcoming game as originally thought. The director is Kevin Tancharoen, who did the “Fame” remake.

Update 2: Jeri Ryan has confirmed via her Twitter account that this was indeed something director Kevin Tancharoen shot on his own dime in order to show Warner Bros. what he could do, and to convince them to fund his vision of a “Mortal Kombat” movie. Who would have thunk the guy who did “Fame” could do something this visually awesome?

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I wasn’t aware that the people behind “Mortal Kombat” was making another game, because this looks like an extended, live-action trailer for it. It’s definitely not a trailer for the rebooted “Mortal Kombat” movie, because last we heard, rights to that was stuck in legal limbo. And besides, the scripting in this one is pretty awful. The action, visuals, and atmosphere, on the other hand, are top notch.

It features Michael Jai White as a hardboiled cop name Jackson Briggs, Jeri Ryan as a saucy Sonya Blade, and posits Baraka and Reptile as crazed psycho killers instead of otherworldly beings. The hero of the trailer? Well, I won’t spoil it for you, as his identity is revealed only at the end, and I wouldn’t dream of spoiling it for you.

The trailer also stars Lateef Crowder and Matt Mullins, with Larnell Stovall (of “Undisputed 3”) providing action choreography.

Thanks to Nik Giangrosso for the heads up.