Move Over 3D Craze, James Cameron Says Live Studio Audiences The Next Big Thing

The 3D craze won’t last, claims James Cameron. Why? Because he’s already bringing something new to the scene. In lieu of using an out-dated film gimmick from the past, he has turned to use one of TV’s out-dated gimmicks instead. Yes, that’s right, he’ll be using a live studio audience in the upcoming Avatar sequel. According to Cameron, the studio audience is “the future of mainstream cinema.” Hmm…We’ll see about that, Cameron.

According to Film Buzz, the Avatar sequel will be filmed in front of a live studio audience (well, the live action sequences at least). The resulting sound track will contain plenty of laughs but, unlike most studio audiences, Cameron also hopes to capture the sounds of people gasping, crying and screaming in an attempt to capture Avatar’s serious nature.

In his interview with Cinema Daily, he has attempted to explain his reasoning behind the move:

After the 3D craze took off, we’ve been looking for several new and exciting ways to make the Avatar sequel stand out and, hopefully, bring something new to the film industry. We’ve considered bringing back stop motion animation, silent movies and even smell-o-vision, but none of these seemed to work. Smell-o-vision was especially disastrous. The test audience did not respond well to the “toxic atmosphere” of Pandora.

Eventually it occurred to me that I shouldn’t be looking back into the past for inspiration, rather I should be looking to TV. I mean, why can’t studio audiences work for cinema … I truly believe that live studio audiences are the future for mainstream cinema.

It’s still not entirely clear why he’s actually considering this, but there has been some speculation that he hopes that the sound track of the studio audience can help a normal cinema audience really engage with the film. Chances are this gimmick won’t last, but with Cameron’s success in bringing 3D back, he may very well be onto something — The studio audience could be the next big thing.

Note: This was an April Fools joke 4/1/10.