Move Over, Pacific Rim, The Asylum’s Atlantic Rim is Here to Eat Your Lunch

Atlantic Rim (2013) Movie Image

You gotta love the folks at The Asylum. It’s funny, because every now and then they’ll put out a pretty good movie. Mostly of the low-budget, thriller variety, though. Most of their sci-fi mockbusters are pretty awful, cheap productions that really remind you why people without money shouldn’t try to make movies about alien invasions and giant fighting robots. It just never turns out well.

“Atlantic Rim” is, of course, a carbon copy of Guillermo del Toro’s big-budgeted “Pacific Rim”. The movie was originally called “From the Sea”, but they’ve since adjusted that into “Atlantic Rim” and judging by the trailer below, it sure looks like the filmmakers have spent a lot of time watching the trailers for “Pacific Rim”. It looks absolutely ridiculous, of course, but hey, it’s The Asylum, whaddaya want?

The plot? Giant monsters show up from the ocean and humans make giant robots to fight them. Okay, so maybe these robots really aren’t that giant, but they apparently can fly and shoot lasers out of their hands. Rockin’, man!

Starring Graham Greene, David Chokachi, Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss, Nicole Alexandra Shipley, Jackie Moore, and Jinhi Evans. Directed by Jared Cohn.

If the Asylum sticks to their tried and true formula, you can expect the movie either before, about the same day, or slightly after “Pacific Rim” opens in theaters. Basically, timed just right to confuse the easily confused DVD renter/watcher/downloader.

Atlantic Rim (2013) Movie Poster

Via : Gamma Squad