Movie Poster: My Sassy Girl (American Remake)

Good God, how long has Elisha Cuthbert been shooting “My Sassy Girl”, the Americanized version of the South Korean International hit that originally starred and made Jean Ji-Hyun world famous? According to Variety, about three years and counting. And what we have to show for is is — a poster. Yes, a poster. (Thumbnail to your left, bigger version below.)

The film stars Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert, and is about a sweet Midwestern guy (Bradford) who has his life planned out for himself, and who is wooed, groomed, and ultimately dumped by a complicated, elusive gal (Cuthbert) he meets in the subway one night.


Star Elisha Cuthbert has done a full season of 24, two feature films, and signed on to a variety of other projects since MY SASSY GIRL was announced, but the official site still has the film listed as “In post-production” even though Cuthbert was telling the press back in June, 2007 that she was just then finishing up ADR (additional dialogue recording). So what happened to the movie? How much special effects work do you need in post-production for a romantic comedy with two main characters?

Mind you, not that I’m waiting with bated breath to see this thing, but you gotta wonder how bad the film is that it’s been delayed for so long…

My Sassy Girl (American Remake)