Movie Poster: The Forbidden Kingdom

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It’s funny, but it just occurred to me when I saw this poster for “The Forbidden Kingdom” that we’ve already gotten the trailer AND a ton of stills from the movie, but we’ve never actually gotten the poster. Which, again, is very odd from a movie marketing standpoint; posters are easy to do, and you’d think they would put one out well before everything else.

In any case, here’s your first look at the poster for “The Forbidden Kingdom”, a Hollywood-financed movie starring a white kid and Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Directed by Rob Minkoff (The Lion King), The Forbidden Kingdom follows an American teen (Michael Angarano) and all-around Kung Fu nut, who comes across a mysterious Chinese staff that transports him back to ancient China. While there, he meets up with two Kung Fu masters (Chan, Liu Yifei) and the Silent Monk (Li), and the four head off to fulfill an ancient prophecy to free the jailed Monkey King. Of course, there’s another set of warriors who will attempt to make their journey just a wee bit difficult.

Get gone April 18th, 2008.

Movie Poster: The Forbidden Kingdom

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